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For as long as I can remember I always knew that I would one day become a nationally recognized and best selling author! That knowledge was deposited so deep in me that it just never went away! As I grew up, I accomplished many goals such as completing college and getting a Master’s degree, a career in education, marriage and family but I still felt unfulfilled.

When I dug up my old dream of being a published writer and became determined to get a book written and published, was when my life’s purpose became clear. As I wrote about what I knew (great advice for aspiring writers) it all came together. The timing was right for me to embark on my writing career, as I was recently retired, and the writing came easy.

I had lost my husband and oldest daughter in an automobile accident several years earlier and had kept a journal of my feelings and thoughts as I endured the pain of losing half my family at one time. It was therapeutic for me at the time and proved invaluable when I began the process of writing on how to come through grief after being broken hearted.

By the time I finished writing, I had a book on grief and loss that couldn’t be found on any bookshelf! Although there are books out there on grief recovery, there isn’t one for people who have suffered multiple losses at the same time. God coached me through my painful experience to be able to go back to help those who are stuck in their grief and show them the way out.

Grief is a hard subject to talk about and many don’t know how to help the bereaved. I have created a resource in my book, MY #1 IS STILL MY #1!, that will teach family and friends how to help their loved ones navigate through the tremendous pain that we all go through when we experience death. God is the Ultimate Life Coach and He transformed my tragic story for His Glory in this inspirational story of triumph over tragedy!

MY #1 IS STILL MY #1! is available everywhere books are sold. You may contact Bernice at 713-894-0233 to book her for speaking engagements, workshops or book signings.

Bernice emphasizes the power of God's spoken word over our circumstances. Through journal entries, letters written to God, and memories, she shares her difficulties, temptations, victories, and sacrifices as her commitment to Christ took priority over her grief over the loss of her husband Pastor Kevin Dickey and ten year old daughter Naomi Dickey in a car accident.

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