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After speaking to a group that had a long-time leader pass away) Bernice is exactly what the chapter needed last night. We were in a tough place and left (our meeting) knowing what to do with all the strength our departed friend gave us. We were all able to see that with Bernice’s help.

– Rachael Venable, CAP-OM, Clear Lake / NASA Area Chapter, International Association of Administrative Professionals

Reviewed By Dominique Sessons

Anyone who has ever lost a loved one is more than familiar with the often agonizing pain of the grieving process. As we wend our way through the stages of denial, regret, profound sadness, and other difficult emotions, it can often seem as though we won’t make it beyond the pain – and even if we do, we may never be the same.

Throughout the pages of MY #1 IS STILL MY #1!, though, author and minister Bernice Bright Dickey provides the reader with a comprehensive guide to the holistic benefits of perseverance. Backed by the virtues of faith, prayer, and biblical scripture, Minister Dickey highlights the indomitable power of the spirit in overcoming even the most egregious of challenges. More than just a generalized account of perseverance, though, MY #1 IS STILL MY #1! is a highly personal account of grievous loss, as well as the strength required to endure it. Despite the overwhelming difficulty of her situation, Minister Dickey summoned the faith to persevere, and her personal testimony will both inspire and motivate countless troubled souls all over the world.

Powerful, timely, and pertinent, MY #1 IS STILL MY #1! is a crucial guide to speaking life into any "dead" situation. An invaluable account of the trials and tribulations of going from tragedy to triumph.

Bernice emphasizes the power of God's spoken word over our circumstances. Through journal entries, letters written to God, and memories, she shares her difficulties, temptations, victories, and sacrifices as her commitment to Christ took priority over her grief over the loss of her husband Pastor Kevin Dickey and ten year old daughter Naomi Dickey in a car accident.

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